About us...

Applied Knowledge Shop is a Minneapolis Minnesota brand putting a new spin on the business of inspiring others through art and apparel. Embodying popular culture, our exclusive collections exist to motivate in a way that’s entirely our own. Whether you’re working out of a cubicle or hustling with an ocean view, we’ve created multiple pieces to motivate you through your mornings, days, and nights.

Started as an entrepreneur in 2019, Datrice Mulsumo became the CEO of Applied Knowledge Academy. His main objective is to help entrepreneurs reach the six-figure to seven-figure mark and provide value to business owners and social media influencers. The famous slogan “I got to change my life” was influenced by Mr. Mulsumo’s own journey, and what motivated him to share his knowledge. And from that we have now opened the apparel company Applied Knowledge Shop where you can find multiple motivational pieces.

“I decided to create a business and help others change their lives with my methods,” 

-Datrice Mulsumo